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Timeless Stitches

Yarn Bouquets | Wool Bouquets

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Do you know someone who loves to knit or crochet? You will simply adore my beautiful yarn bouquet which makes the perfect alternative to a bunch of flowers. This really does make a delightful gift for any occasion and comes with the following:-

  • * 800gms of wool with a choice of Acrylic Yarn, Cotton or Superwash wool.
  • Knitting Needles
  • Tape Measure
  • Stitch Markers
  • Buttons
  • Row Counter

Bouquet has 800gms with a choice of Acrylic Yarn, Cotton or Superwash Wool ( Merino Blend), Knitting Needles to use with this yarn, Tape Measure, Stitch Markers, Buttons and a Row counter.

These beautiful yarn bouquets are made with yarns which are renowned for the quality. From personal experience I can confirm these yarns are beautiful to knit or crochet with. Colours are selected at random, and colours are not repeated. 

I use yarn bowls to keep my yarn clean and from rolling under the sofa.

So why knit or crochet using yarn 25gm / 50gm / 100 gms balls these are just some of the recognised benefits

Various studies including Harvard Medical School’s, The Psychologist (Riley and colleagues, 2013), Mayo Clinic 2011 has over time identified the following positive health physical and mental benefits:

These include lowering blood pressure, helping to reduce depression and anxiety, with potential to slow the onset of dementia.

Crafting can help distract from chronic pain, by providing an opportunity for creativity (at a time of reducing capacity)

Whether working alone, for a charity or as a group, crafting increases the sense of wellbeing by helping to reduce loneliness and isolation and increases a sense of usefulness and inclusion in society.

All Bouquets have 800 gms of yarn  

  • Acrylic bouquet DK      
  • Acrylic bouquet Chunky      
  • Cotton / Bamboo  bouquet            
  • Super wash Wool Merino Blend Bouquet   

Our Yarn Bouquets:

  • This listing is for one bouquet.
  • Custom colours and other flowers are considered, please just ask.
  • Please note all bouquets are handmade and may differ slightly.

Materials & Sizing:

  • Choice of Acrylic Yarn, Cotton or Superwash wool.
  • This yarn bouquet has 800gms of wool in total.

(All measurements are approximate)

Delivery Information:

These yarn bouquets are made within 3 - 5 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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Timeless Stitches

I was taught to knit and crochet in the 1960s by my grandmother. In later years I worked as a freelance designer for various London designers. The name Timeless Stitches best described the incredible crochet and knitting learnt from my grandmother.

Recently I have returned to my passion of using vintage and retro jewellery within my textiles. I love to up cycle these into new pieces linking the past and future. Inspiration comes from the piece of jewellery, a vintage box of threads or patterns from a bygone era.

The range Timeless Stitches now enjoys offering the original enterprise, crochet lace flowers, which incorporate the upcycling and reusing of jewellery pieces to make beautiful new flowers. These are stunning  brooch's, posies, or full bridal bouquets.

Timeless Baby developed from my grandmothers pattern boxes with new designs and ideas from modern fibres and some traditional favourites for babies and toddlers.

I passionately believe in recycling and love using some of my grandmother's patterns, from her rather extensive library. From dishcloths to pretty tea cosies with flowers, flannels to current modern-day ideas for make-up removers, her library has them all. This became the Timeless Eco Home range of reusable and long lasting gifts for your home and especially our planet.

I was also intrigued to find she had handbags, market string bags, and a beautiful slouch tulip handbag, along with fingerless gloves and hats. I adore hats and shawl scarves. I had to explore these delights and so Timeless Eras was born.

Surprised to find the pattern I was taught to crochet from in the 1960’s I have continued making her Granny Square Christmas Angels. I have expanded this seasonal gift into Timeless Christmas range with some quirky and traditional ideas of my own.

Adoring Halloween, especially pumpkins and a love of handmade seasonal decorations a Timeless Halloween range has been developed.
I feel so grateful to my beloved grandmother for sharing her love of crochet and knitting with me.

Always having a basket of yarn beside her inspired the yarn bouquet. She also inspired me to love traditional craft tools and accessories. We used to make stitch markers and crochet hook holders, which I still enjoy making. My husband has used his carpentry skills to design and replicate some of the yarn winders and hook stands which are available from The Supply Shop on Beautifully Handmade UK.

I work in a small Surrey Village in my attic studio, close to the river Wey flood plains, with my two cats usually asleep somewhere nearby.

All the Timeless Stitches ranges offer quality products, using and recycling where possible, vintage, and modern supplies, enabling you to buy with confidence.

Beautifully Handmade is a platform with a difference, we are proud to be within the handmade industry within the UK and our selling platform focuses on affordability, online business growth with our unique methods.

Beautifully Handmade is the UK's fastest growing platform formed in December 2021 and has changed since we began with our ethos remaining, we take all the stress out of online selling with all our years' experience in selling handmade gifts and homemade gifts.

If you are looking for stunning crochet presents, take a look at the amazing products our sellers have to offer.

If you are looking for the ultimate handmade gift, our sellers have you covered for all handmade gifts via our handmade gift directory

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