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Kaybee Glass

Stained Glass Landscape | Glass Landscape

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This beautiful mini stained glass landscape is truly a thing of creative beauty, with the representation of water and earth, they offer not only a beautiful element of the home to look at day to day but they offer calm and peace with their visual elements.

Little stained glass landscapes with a selection of glass representing water and earth, each one individually made so no two are the same. They aren't designed to hang (no nails in your window frames needed!) but can sit in front of a window to reflect light. Or put them in your garden; you might be lucky and encourage fairies to visit!

These are made using the tiffany technique where each piece of glass is wrapped in copper before being soldered. As each one is different, the size may vary slightly but will typically be around 10cm x 6cm

Our Mini Stained Glass Landscape:

  • I do not use templates so each design is completely unique and exclusive.

  • Please note as our products are handmade to order there will differences to the image shown.
  • Your landscape will be approximately 10cm x 6cm

How To Order:

Please simply add the item to basket choosing from the range of payment methods available to you and I will lovingly make your order for you.

Delivery Information:

My stained glass landscape is made within 10 - 14 working days this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

Kaybee Glass

Stained glass with a difference; not just for churches!

I don’t use templates so every design really is a one-off. I also do custom work, so please get in touch if there is something in particular you would like. Send me your ideas and we can take it from there! Mountains are a particular favourite.

I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society.

Happy browsing!

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