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Gifts By Emmida

Personalised Horse Mugs | Horse Coffee Mugs

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If you are looking for truly beautiful Personalised Horse mugs then you will simply love these Horse Coffee mugs in a stunning watercolour design.  Available in several options ensures that you find the perfect Horse related present for a lover of this breed.

Horses are magnificent and fascinating creatures.  There are around 350 different breeds of horse around the world ranging from the giant, heavy draft horses, through the sleek and refined show horses, the athletic racehorses to children's ponies and the miniature Shetland pony.  Their coats come in many varieties' of patterns and colours.  Regardless of size and breed, these beautiful animals all have their own individual and unique personality.  These mugs offer a lovely interpretation of the delightful horse. 

Delight a horse owner with a gift of this colourful mug.  Make it personal by adding a pet name.  Mugs make a simple but very useful gift.  So why not take a look at our Coffee Mug Range and see the variety we have to offer.  Many can be personalized - just ask.

7 Interesting Facts About Horses:

  • Horses are unable to breathe through their mouths.
  • A special locking system in their legs enables horses to sleep standing up.
  • They can see almost 360 degrees due to their eyes being on either side of their head.  Their only blind spots are directly behind and directly in front.
  • The longest tail was recorded at 12ft 6 inches during August 2007.
  • Horses are measured in hands. One hand equals 4 inches.
  • Like dogs, horses can her sounds that humans can't due to their strong sense of hearing.
  • Horses can live for over 30 years.  'Old Billy' was the worlds oldest horse and lived to the ripe old age of 62 from 1760-1822.  The oldest in modern times, and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records was a Shetland pony that lived to the age of 56.

Just For Fun, some crazy horse laws that actually existed though it is not clear if they still do.

  • You can find yourself in a heap of trouble with the law if you open or close an umbrella near a horse in New York.
  • Fishing from horseback is illegal in Colorado, Utah and Washington D.C.
  • You can be imprisoned for riding an ugly horse in Hartsville, Illinois and Wilbur, Washington.
  • Horses must pay admission to enter taverns with their owner in Burns, Oregon.
  • Men can't eat ice cream whilst they are riding a horse in Cotton Valley, Louisiana.
  • Horses are not allowed to neigh after 10pm in Pocataligo, Georgia.
  • Take photos of a horse in McAllen, Texas on a Sunday and you could get up to 3 days in jail for disturbing the horse.

Our Horse Coffee Mugs Information & Measurements:

  • Our mugs are 11oz orca coated ceramic mugs.

  • Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • Our mugs have long lasting, vibrant images.
  • Our mugs are printed front and back.

  • Our mugs are fade and scratch resistant.

How To Order:

Please simply add your item to basked, choose from the many payment options available to you and I will lovingly make your order in a prompt manner.

Delivery Information:

These Personalised Horse Mugs are made within 1 - 3 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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Gifts By Emmida

The name Emmida is derived from combining parts of the names of my 2 beautiful granddaughters.  All mugs are printed by me in my craft studio here at my home in beautiful Yorkshire.

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