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Gloryous Artisan Jewellery

Dragon Brooch | Dragon Gifts

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There is something truly beautiful about this mythical creature, for someone who loves mythical elements and most importantly the Dragon, then you will simply adore this dragon brooch.  Accentuated with real gemstones such as Red Dragon peridot and silver hematite rounds make the eyes pop.

The uniqueness of this piece means that the dragons eye is watching you from all directions. 

The metallic sheen of Hematite might well serve to strengthen your steely resolve, but this stone itself also reinforces your physical body. That means it can help you to get over sickness and injury, but also that it gives you greater resilience to illness and fatigue. Hematite is a stone that focuses the heart and mind on what is real, tangible, physical and attainable. If you’re finding your head in the clouds too often, or even if your dreams at night are so vivid that you wake up startled, this stone can give valuable grounding energy.

Peridot is a crystal that radiates light, and with it, a sense of positivity and plenty. This is a stone of abundance, and it can likewise help to turn your thinking around if you often find yourself stuck in a kind of scarcity mentality. Peridot has qualities of healing and inspiration that make it very popular among creative thinkers, but also a practical side that means that those looking for solid solutions can embrace its approach. This stone works closely with your heart chakra, and helps you to find balance between doing for others and looking after yourself in as effective a way as possible. It is also the birthstone for August

Remember: "The eye is the porthole to the soul and a dragons heart"

Our Dragon Brooch:

  • This beautiful dragon gift idea is the ultimate gift for dragon lovers.
  • Customers can choose eye colours and a dual method so it can be worn as a necklace too.
  • Sent in a gift box for instant gifting.
  • Our dragon eye jewellery is made to order and takes 10-12 hours to complete meaning you have a truly unique piece.
  • As our items are handmade they may have slight differences to the images shown.

Materials & Sizing:

  • Made with gemstones and either a synthetic polymer dome or resin dome.
  • 2 Inches High x 4 Inches Long

How To Order:

Please choose your beautiful dragon eye colour and wire colour and I will make that to order for you. You can have components added so you can wear it as a brooch or a necklace.

Delivery Information:

This Dragon Brooch is made within 3 - 5 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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Gloryous Artisan Jewellery

I was introduced to jewellery making by my brother Mikey B who was a guest designer on Jewellery Maker and the rest is history. My company is named after my late mum Glory who unfortunately never saw any of my creations My passion in seed beading, shrink plastic , working with Shibori silk and wire wrapping, but enjoy macrame and memory wire work too as well as doing my cross stitch. All the gem stones I have used can be provided with a certificate of authenticity. I have recently been recycling and up cycling old jewellery to make my spiders and some of my jewellery, so they get a second life.

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I welcome the opportunity to work with my clients, therefore if you have a custom order requirement, please do get in touch.

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If you are looking for stunning dragon gift ideas or mythical gift ideas, take a look at the amazing products our sellers including Gloryous Artisan Jewellery have to offer.

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