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  • crochet blocking board
  • crochet blocking board
  • crochet blocking board
  • crochet blocking board
  • crochet blocking board
  • crochet blocking board
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Craftsy UK - Craft Supplies Shop

Crochet Blocking Board | Needlecraft Blocking Board

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A crochet blocking board is a creative handy tool ideal for creating crochet or knitted squares and is an essential piece of your craft kit.

These are lovingly handmade to order in a beautiful dark or light wood colour and  made from sustainable reclaimed hardwood from old furniture.

It is also beautifully sealed to show off the grain of the wood.

Small squares or larger, this crochet blocking board has you covered for all your crochet needs.

Our Crochet Blocking Board:

  • Available in Small, Medium or Large.
  • Light Wood or Dark Wood depending on your preferences.
  • Please note all of our products are handmade so may differ slightly.

Materials & Sizing:

  • Small Board size is approximately 165mm x 165mm; Board Blocks from 2cm to 16 cm squares. (8 holes square)

    Medium Board size is approximately 210mm x 210mm; Board Blocks from 2cm to 16 cm squares. (10 holes square)

    Large Board size is approximately 240mm x 240mm; Board Blocks from 2cm to 20 cm squares. (12 holes square)

(All measurements are approximate)

What is blocking? Blocking is essentially a way of using water to shape your crochet (or knit) fabric to achieve a more finished look. The moisture is added, the fabric is shaped and fixed (usually using pins or wires) then left to dry.
Other crafting accessories are available to compliment the Hardwood Crochet Blocking Board. These including crochet hooks sets with ceramic handled hooks and extra long shanks. Hardwood Crochet hook stand and the most recent addition a yarn and accessories workstation, these are all hardwood piece perfect for gifts.

All items are made from either recycling wood or up-cycling products to a new and exciting future

Delivery Information:

This crochet blocking board is made within 3 - 5 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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