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Elles Jewellery

Copper Wire Pendant | Copper Wire Jewellery Making

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These beautiful gemstone wire pendants are carefully wrapped in pure copper wire and aged for that antique look

You can choose from a variety of gemstones. Each pendant will be handmade by me upon order. There maybe slight differences as each stone is different due to being natural.

You can choose from pure copper or silver plated copper wire. Pendant comes with a black cord. Of course you can choose to put it on any favourite chain you have.

 Each one comes with a different gemstone of your choice from

  • Gemstones, Amethyst, lapis lazuli, yellow jade, dyed jade, red coral, carnelian, aquamarine, aventurine, tigers eye, black onyx, lava bead.

It comes with an adjustable black  cord. It is easy and light to wear and can be worn for any occasion or just

  •  Copper has been around for centuries people used it to drink from cook with and wear. It is believed to have some healing properties.
  •  Anti aging
  •  Skin health
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Good circulation
  • Weight loss
  •  Copper jewellery is just lovely to wear and always looks good.

 Please seek medical advice on any concern you have health wise.

Oxidization (a.k.a darkening)

- Copper is a naturally reactive metal, meaning that it constantly changes color as the metal reacts to oxygen in our environment. In humid environments copper reacts and darkens more quickly than in dryer desert climates. If you live by the ocean, the salt in the air may cause the copper to turn a beautiful blue green hue. 

 Keeping your copper polished

 - Despite the natural darkening, copper can be polished to a bright, pink finish. If you wear your copper bracelets, rings and necklaces daily, the natural abrasion against your skin will keep it nice and polished.

- If you want to prevent your copper from tarnishing while in storage, keep it in an air-tight environment (such as a ziplock bag).

- keep your copper jewelry away from humidity - (don't store your jewelry in the bathroom!)

- For smooth copper jewelry, stay on top of the tarnish by rubbing it with a cotton polishing cloth regularly. 

- For textured copper jewelry you can use a fine steel wool, a brillo pad or even a fine grade sandpaper to aggressively remove the layer of oxidization. 

  • For stubborn oxidization, dab a blob of ketchup (tomato sauce!) on your copper jewelry and let it sit for a bit. Wipe it off with a cloth and rinse.
Our Copper wire pendant:
  • This jewellery is completely handmade.
  • Made with Pure copper wire or Silver plated copper wire
  • Gemstones Amethyst, lapis lazuli, yellow jade, dyed jade, red coral, carnelian, aquamarine, aventurine, tigers eye, black onyx, lava bead.
  • Please note as our products are handmade to order there may be slight variants.
Materials & Sizing:
  • The pendant measures: 5cm long
  • Adjustable black cord 
  • Choice of pure copper wire or Silver plated copper wire

 How To Order:

Please simply make your choice from the options for this amazing  necklace and I will lovingly make your order for you.

Delivery Information:

My Copper wire pendant  is made within 5 - 7 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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About Elles Jewellery  

Hi my name is Lynn of Elles jewellery

 Here is a little bit about how I got started in jewellery making, and holistic jewellery

 I was raised in Luton beds. I spent many hours with my grandmother who was a hat designer in the 1920s in Luton for her family’s hat factory. She was a very talented woman and did many crafts, and her her senior years won many a competition with her Easter bonnets etc. she had a lot of materials i.e. seed beads as I now know them. She gave them to me and I used to make bracelets with cotton and a a needle. This was a dream of mine to be a jewellery maker. However time goes by marriage children etc, so was shelved. 5 years ago my boyfriend gave me a jewellery making kit and from there it has become my passion and grown into a fairly successful business. I have lived in Cornwall for 34 years, and I am inspired by the crystal clear light we get here, and the array of colours that this light projects, from the beautiful clear waters with there hues of blues and greens, to the browns and golds of the moors.

 My main inspiration now comes from the sea. I collect sea glass from the beautiful beaches around me here in Cornwall.

Sea glass is the treasure of Mother Nature it is classed as rubbish on the beach, however it is far from that. You don’t need any expensive equipment or expertise.

There are rare sea glass pieces to keep your eye out for. Reds, blues , purples and marbles. As you can see I turn these treasures into gorgeous unique jewellery, no two pieces are the same.

 I also have found a love of working with copper wire. These colours are inspired by the moors that surround me also. Bare copper has a multitude of colours from really shiny to patina blues and dark copper. I use a variety of beads and sea glass in my work. Silver plated copper wire and pure copper wire can dramatically enhance the bead, sea glass or gemstone.

Beautifully Handmade Limited 

Beautifully Handmade is a platform with a difference, we are proud to be within the handmade industry within the UK and our selling platform focuses on affordability,  online business growth with our unique methods. 

Beautifully Handmade is the UK's fastest growing platform formed in December 2021 and has changed since we began with our ethos remaining, we take all the stress out of online selling with all our years' experience in selling handmade gifts and homemade gifts.

If you are looking for stunning unique Handmade Jewellery UK, take a look at the amazing products our sellers including Elles Jewellery have to offer.

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