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Personalised By Heaps Of Fun

Cat Coffee Mug | Cat Gift Ideas

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As a cat owner myself, a British Blue was one of my favourites, the colouring and fluffiness of her.  Cats make such adorable pets and if you know a real cat lover then you will love this beautiful watercolour cat coffee mug.

Heaps Of Fun have every cat lover covered with this Cat Coffee Mug and other awesome Cat related delights.

Not only available in mug form, you can choose your background and even have it personalised at no extra charge, choose an affordable drinks coaster, a stunning Tote Bag or even a notebook, either way this Cat Mug and the full collection is simply perfect for the Cat loving human in your life.

Want to know a little inside info about Cats?

  • A cat has 244 bones as opposed to us humans with 206.
  • Cats are 95.4% tiger (this is domestic cats too)
  • Cats can jump 5 times their height
  • Cats can run about 30 mph.
  • Cats whiskers are the same width as their body.

 Our Cat Coffee Mug Information & Measurements:

  • Our mugs are 11oz orca coated ceramic mugs

  • Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • Our coasters are 9cms square with rounded corners and a glossy shine.
  •  Our tote bags are an off white finish and a beautiful thick fabric.

  • Our notebooks are available lined with 60 pages and card frontage.

(All measurements are approximate)

How To Order:

Please choose if you would like a mug, coaster, notebook or tote bag and I will get that made for you in a prompt manner.

Delivery Information:

This Cat Coffee Mug is made within 1 - 3 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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Personalised By Heaps Of Fun


Becky heads the team at Personalised By Heaps Of Fun focusing on a unique and wonderful range of products in stunning watercolour collections just to name a few. We are constantly expanding our already vast collections to ensure we have something for every single occasion.

I welcome the opportunity to work with my clients, therefore if you have a custom order requirement, please do get in touch.

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Beautifully Handmade is the UK's fastest growing platform formed in December 2021 and has changed since we began with our ethos remaining, we take all the stress out of online selling with all our years' experience in selling handmade gifts and homemade gifts.

If you are looking for stunning cat gifts, take a look at the amazing products our sellers including Heaps Of Fun have to offer.

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