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  • amethyst-bead-bracelet
  • amethyst-bead-bracelet
  • amethyst-bead-bracelet
  • amethyst-bead-bracelet
  • amethyst-bead-bracelet
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Elles Jewellery

Amethyst Bead Bracelet | Mens Leather Bracelets

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If your looking for a beautiful leather amethyst bead bracelet then this amethyst and rose quartz bracelet might just be the perfect gift. For this bracelet I have used 6mm Amethyst and Rose Quartz and a few Howlite beads. They are all strung with strong pale purple cord which highlights the beautiful soft pale pink Greek leather. Its not adjustable but will fit most wrists wrapped twice. The delicate colours will compliment most occasions and outfit. Treat yourself or someone you think needs a pick me up, or just because.

This purple Amethyst bracelet is the perfect spiritual gift for you or a friend. This bracelet is also the great gift for anxiety and stress relief. Wear this bracelet to remind you to love yourself everyday.

  Our amethyst bead bracelet:

  • This jewellery is completely handmade.
  • Leather cord
  • Gemstones amethyst and rose quartz
  • Please note as our products are handmade to order there may be slight variants.
Materials & Sizing:
  • The bracelet measures: 15 inches 
  • 6mm Amethyst and Rose Quartz and a few Howlite beads

 How To Order:

Please simply make your choice from the options for this amazing  necklace and I will lovingly make your order for you.

Delivery Information:

My amethyst bead bracelet is made within 5 -7 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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About Elles Jewellery  

Hi my name is Lynn of Elles jewellery

 Here is a little bit about how I got started in jewellery making, and holistic jewellery

 I was raised in Luton beds. I spent many hours with my grandmother who was a hat designer in the 1920s in Luton for her family’s hat factory. She was a very talented woman and did many crafts, and her her senior years won many a competition with her Easter bonnets etc. she had a lot of materials i.e. seed beads as I now know them. She gave them to me and I used to make bracelets with cotton and a a needle. This was a dream of mine to be a jewellery maker. However time goes by marriage children etc, so was shelved. 5 years ago my boyfriend gave me a jewellery making kit and from there it has become my passion and grown into a fairly successful business. I have lived in Cornwall for 34 years, and I am inspired by the crystal clear light we get here, and the array of colours that this light projects, from the beautiful clear waters with there hues of blues and greens, to the browns and golds of the moors.

 My main inspiration now comes from the sea. I collect sea glass from the beautiful beaches around me here in Cornwall.

Sea glass is the treasure of Mother Nature it is classed as rubbish on the beach, however it is far from that. You don’t need any expensive equipment or expertise.

There are rare sea glass pieces to keep your eye out for. Reds, blues , purples and marbles. As you can see I turn these treasures into gorgeous unique jewellery, no two pieces are the same.

 I also have found a love of working with copper wire. These colours are inspired by the moors that surround me also. Bare copper has a multitude of colours from really shiny to patina blues and dark copper. I use a variety of beads and sea glass in my work. Silver plated copper wire and pure copper wire can dramatically enhance the bead, sea glass or gemstone.

Beautifully Handmade Limited

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Beautifully Handmade is the UK's fastest growing platform formed in December 2021 and has changed since we began with our ethos remaining, we take all the stress out of online selling with all our years' experience in selling handmade gifts and homemade gifts.

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