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Treat Your Girl: Handmade Gifts from Small Businesses She'll Love

Looking for some girlfriend gift ideas from small handmade businesses? Look no further! We've got you covered with a list of unique and thoughtful gifts that your girl is sure to love. From personalised jewellery to hand-poured candles, there's something for every taste and style. Show her how much you care with a gift that's as special as she is.

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Jewellery Pieces That Tell a Story

Oh, you wanna make it personal, eh? Family jewellery is where it's at for a gift that screams, "I put thought into this!" Imagine gifting her a necklace with her initials or a bracelet that marks a day only you two cherish. It's like saying, "You're so special, I made sure this was made just for you."

Dive into the world of small handmade businesses for these gems. You're not just picking off a shelf; you're choosing something that carries a story, a piece that's got as much character as she does. Whether it's a piece that spells her name or a locket that opens up to a memorable date, the options are endless.

These crafty creators put their heart and soul into making jewellery that stands out. You're not just buying a piece; you're investing in something that's as unique as your girl. So, why go for the same ol' store-bought when you can get her something that no one else has?

Think of it – every time she wears it, she's got a piece of your affection with her. And that, my friend, is the kinda gift that keeps on giving. So, whether it's for her birthday, your anniversary, or just because – a piece of jewellery from a small business is a solid way to show her she's one in a million.

peas in a pod jewellery

Hand-Poured Candles with a Twist

Alright, let's chat about hand-poured candles, but not your average ones. We're diving into the ones that come with that extra pizzazz. Ever thought about gifting your lady a candle that's not just a candle but an experience? That's where these small biz wonders come in. They're crafting candles that are a feast for the senses – with scents that could transport her to a cosy cabin in the woods or a breezy beach at sunset.

But wait, it gets better. These aren't just any candles; they've got quirks. Picture this: a candle that reveals a hidden gem as it melts away or one that changes its scent as the night goes on. It's like a little adventure in a jar. And the packaging? Oh, it's so pretty she might just keep it long after the candle's last flicker.

Small businesses are smashing it with creativity, giving you options that are far from the mundane. It’s all about finding something that matches your girl's vibe. Maybe she's all about that eco-friendly life or she loves a bit of mystery – there’s a candle out there that’s got her name on it (not literally, but you get the gist).

So, when you’re on the hunt for that perfect gift, don’t sleep on these hand-poured candles with a twist. They’re a solid way to light up her day and show her you’ve gone the extra mile to find something as special as she is. Trust, it’s a warm glow that’ll make her heart melt.

hand poured candles

Quirky Planters for Her Green Babies

Oi, so your missus is a bit of a plant mum, yeah? Bet she talks to her leafy kids more than she texts back. Why not amp up her plant game with some absolutely bonkers planters? I'm talking about the kinda quirky pots that'll have her indoor garden looking like it's straight out of a whimsical fantasy.

Imagine popping over a wee cactus in a planter that's shaped like a llama or her favourite fern in something that looks like it's moonlighting as a geometric sculpture. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill pots; they're convo starters. Picture this: her mates come over, spot a cheeky, grinning planter on the shelf, and it's all, "Where'd you get that?" Instant cool points for both of you.

And it ain't just about looks, mate. These quirky pots from small handmade businesses are all about adding that extra splash of personality to her space. Plus, buying from these indie creators means you're supporting someone's dream and passion, which is pretty ace if you ask me.

Got a girl who's all about that eco-warrior life? There's plenty of upcycled and sustainable options too. So, it's not just a gift for her but a lil' high five to Mother Earth.

No need to trawl the high street for something bland when you can snag a planter that's as unique as she is. Whether her taste is cute and quirky or sleek and modern, there's something out there that'll make her green babies pop. It's a sure fire way to plant a smile on her face.

macrame plant hangers

Custom Illustrations for the Heart

Right, let's get into the arty bit, shall we? Fancy getting her something that's like, totally one-off? Custom illustrations are the way to go. Think about it – a bespoke piece of art that's all about her, or maybe it's capturing one of those "us" moments in a way that's way cooler than any photo could.

Hooking up with a small biz artist means you're getting something that's got a proper personal touch. Whether it's sketching up a scene where you both had a laugh till you cried, or maybe it's her furry mate (the four-legged kind) that she adores to bits, these illustrations pack a punch right in the feels.

And hey, this isn't just about getting a drawing done. It's about telling a story, her story, in a way that's as unique as your bond. Plus, every time she glances at it, she'll remember the thought and effort you put into this pressie. How mint is that?

Navigating through the sea of talented artists in small businesses, you're bound to find one that vibes with what you're looking for. It's not just a gift; it's a keepsake, something that'll age like fine wine, reminding her of this chapter in your lives together.

So, if you're keen to ditch the usual and go for something with a bit more heart and soul, custom illustrations are your ticket. It's not just art; it's your heart, wrapped up in a frame. Pretty neat, right?

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Sustainable Stationery for Thoughtful Communication

Alright, let's dive into something for the eco-conscious lady in your life. If she's all about jotting down her thoughts, dreams, or the next big plan, sustainable stationery is where it's at. Imagine hooking her up with notebooks that have seen a previous life - yeah, we're talking recycled paper that's getting a glam second chance. And pens? We've got those eco-friendly warriors that write smooth and feel good in the hand, not just because they're comfy but because they're kind to our planet.

Small biz wonders are churning out designs on these stationery items that are nothing short of art. We're not dealing with your average, run-of-the-mill patterns here. These pieces are unique, often quirky, and definitely not something you'll stumble upon in your everyday shop. It's about gifting her something that not only sparks joy every time she uses it but also nods to both of your commitments to living more sustainably.

Whether she's penning her next novel, scribbling down recipes, or simply keeping track of life's adventures, these sustainable stationery gems from small handmade businesses add that extra layer of thoughtfulness. It's like you're saying, "I see you and all the things you care about." And isn't that what a great gift is all about? Showing you understand and appreciate her, through and through. Plus, every time she flicks open that notebook or clicks that pen, she's reminded of you and your shared values. Now that's a win-win in the gift-giving game.

handmade pens

Boutique Bath Bombs for At-Home Spa Days

Fancy giving her a proper pamper sesh right in the comfort of her own bathroom? Well, mate, boutique bath bombs from these nifty small businesses are the way to go. It's like turning her tub into a mini spa without the hefty price tag.

These aren't your bog-standard fizzers you'd find in any shop. Nah, these bath bombs are like the VIP treatment – packed with lush scents, oils, and maybe a sprinkle of glitter to make her bath time extra fancy. We're talking rose petals that float around, lavender scents that knock out stress, and coconut vibes that whisk her away to a tropical island.

And the best bit? You can mix and match to suit what she digs. Maybe she's all about that zen life or perhaps she loves a bit of a fruity punch to her bath time – whatever her vibe, there's a bomb for that.

It's a top-notch way to show her you’re all about those little moments of luxury she deserves. Plus, supporting these small creators? That's like the cherry on top. It shows you've gone the extra mile to snag something that’s a bit special, just like her. So go on, get her those boutique bath bombs and watch her face light up like a kid at Christmas. Trust, it's a sure fire hit.

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A beautifully written and warmly worded article, leaving you with a smile on your face and a desire to see what else the BH shops have to offer. It’s great to see our handcrafted wooden pens on display, which complement our notebooks with embroidered covers that can be personalised for that special person. Thank you.

Jeanette Mitchell

There’s such beautiful gift ideas from the Beautifully Handmade site, I love the personalised painting of a memorable place, so cool


Lovely ideas, I’m a sister and would love to be given any one of these gifts.


How sexie is that curvey pink candle. Very unusual and pretty.


The curvy candle is stunning! Off to have a look right now!

J Randall

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