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Emu Cotton DK | Supersoft Cotton DK

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If you use cotton for knitting or crochet then you will already know that not all yarn is equal. If you are looking for a premium quality, super-soft, 100% cotton, the EMU Cotton DK yarn, and at a fabulous price point then this is the one for you.

At first glance, this is a regular everyday cotton 100g DK ball of yarn. But once you have felt the wonderful soft touch, smooth working feel and impeccable stitch definition of this cotton DK, you will quickly realise the only thing ‘everyday’ about it is the exceptional price point. It’s just about the perfect choice of cotton DK yarn, knitting to a regular DK tension it is the ideal choice for almost any project.

Reassuringly, our yarn experts spent more than a year finding the perfect soft-cotton to create this dk cotton, and the 5-star reputation it has acquired in a very short space of time suggests it was well worth the wait! This yarn is so soft that it has also been awarded with Emu-Soft Certification, the guarantee of genuine yarn softness.

It is probably no shock that with its generous 100g balls, hand-selected colour palette of classic pastels gently complemented by bolds and bright, this Cotton DK is a best-selling cotton yarn.

After look and feel, the question we are asked most often about our yarns by knitters and crocheters is ‘can I put it in the washing machine at a decent temperature?’ In fact, this is almost always the first question when it comes to yarn versatility. Well, Emu Cotton DK is as versatile as any 100% pure cotton yarn can possibly get - it is fully machine washable at 40 degrees and it can be ironed at a low temperature. That means you can wear your Emu Cotton DK garments and accessories again and again, and never worry about it!

From children’s hats to baby bonnets, soft-blankets and throws to classy boleros, cardigans, jumpers, and home accessories - Emu Cotton DK is the softest most universal cotton DK yarn that you will find! 

First established in 1941, Emu is an iconic yarn brand with a rich heritage that many knitters and crocheters will remember and love.  Today, 80 years later, the brand is back with its Classic range of DK, Chunky, Super Chunky & Aran with Wool yarn! I have to confess that I was taught to knit and crochet with Emu when my grandmother taught me her skills in the 1960's, she always said using good quality yarn made the project more fun and you made a quality item.

Various studies including Harvard Medical School’s, The Psychologist (Riley and colleagues, 2013), Mayo Clinic 2011 has over time identified the following positive  health physical and mental benefits:

These include lowering blood pressure, helping to reduce depression and anxiety, with potential to slow the onset of dementia.

Crafting can help distract from chronic pain, by providing an opportunity for creativity (at a time of reducing capacity)

Whether working alone, for a charity or as a group, crafting increases the sense of wellbeing by helping to reduce loneliness and isolation and increases sense of usefulness and inclusion in society.

Our Emu Cotton DK:

emu cotton dk
  • This yarn is DK (double knitting) 
  • Choice of 12 Colours

Materials & Sizing:

  • Choice of 12 colours
  • 100g balls 
  • 100% Soft Cotton

(All measurements are approximate)

Delivery Information:

Emu Cotton DK is despatched within 5 - 7 Working Days, this may be longer during seasonal periods, we will notify you accordingly.

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